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Are you concerned about SIDS and your baby? We are Campaigning to Prevent SIDS.

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We at Baby Mattress Covers, LLC are USA distributors for the New Zealand manufacturer of BabeSafe® mattress wraps. Our goal is to prevent SIDS/crib death/cot death. But the covers are also effective against off-gassing of VOC's, e.g. formaldehyde, as well as by making a barrier away from latex and BPA possibly found in mattresses. Any dust mite involvement with asthma is also prevented.

Wrapping your baby's mattress with our BabeSafe® mattress covers has been shown to be, in New Zealand, the only 100% effective method to protect against SIDS when also using the specified 100% cotton bedding.

There have been more than 245,000 BabeSafe® mattress covers used in New Zealand since 1996 without a single cot death occurring. Baby Mattress Covers, LLC was founded and has been a distributor of these BabeSafe® covers since 2002. We sell BabeSafe® covers worldwide. We hope to soon re-include the EEA into our sales area as soon as we have an EEA representative.

Our covers are beneficial for both baby boys and baby girls, ages newborn to 13 months (15 mos. with premature babies). Boys though have roughly a 60:40 to 67:33 greater risk of SIDS in the USA, depending on the region sampled.

The BabeSafe® mattress cover is made of 4.92 mil thick polyethylene, analyzed not to contain the periodic table's Group 5A elements, phosphorous, arsenic or antimony. These chemical elements are responsible for toxic nerve gas formation. See our Specifications for further details.

Our original BabeSafe® mattress wraps, are offered in 6 different sizes to better fit your baby's mattress. The better the fit, the less crinkling the thick plastic will make when your baby moves during the night on the cover. (The crinkling noise in the night might on the other hand, be a comfort to you to know your little one is doing well and moving around.)

The 100% cotton bedding is an integral part of mattress-wrapping. Padding and quilting in bedding is not allowed even if it's 100% cotton for fear of flame retardants being present. Other fabrics than cotton, such as polyester, acrylic and Rayon (bamboo), contain the Group 5A elements. Clothing, contrary to bedding, is washed daily so the fabric type is not as critical. Clothing washing removes the ever-present fungus, the other factor in toxic nerve gas formation.

If you need your BabeSafe® cover quicker within the USA, Baby Mattress Covers, LLC offers Expedited shipping options. If you would like tracking to other countries, choose the Expedited shipping type. The expense of using Expedited shipping internationally must be taken into consideration. International Expedited delivery times are comparable to Free from New Zealand shipping.

Our competitors call their mattress covers 'babysafe mattress covers' or 'babysafe mattress protectors'. These companies are capitalizing on our brand name and our success in stopping SIDS. But Babysafe is on the web as a host of different baby products.

The genuine BabeSafe® mattress covers are the only brand that carry a record of being able to prevent SIDS since 1996. No other brand can authentically carry this SIDS claim as it harkens back to New Zealand and not to the USA.

Tyler, in our BabeSafe® Store cover photo, is alive and well. He still sleeps on a crib mattress wrapped with a BabeSafe® Size E cover.

We are #CampaigningToPreventSIDS 

To me that small inconvenience is worth, just the knowledge that I know, that my kid is going to be safe on this mattress now.


Mom of four boys and BabeSafe® mattress wrap user

About Us

Barb Knoll, CNM ret.

midwife, business owner

I am a Certified Nurse Midwife with 43 years in Nursing of which 24 have been in Midwifery. Having delivered over 1,800 babies I know the desire of every parent to protect their infants. Those who know what SIDS is (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome -- known as Cot Death in New Zealand) it leaves much fear in their hearts as they put their babies down to sleep.

Many mothers have told me their loss of sleep during the first few months after delivery was more due to their frequent checking to see if the baby was still breathing, rather than the baby crying and waking them up. I am convinced that mattress-wrapping with the BabeSafe® mattress covers protects babies from SIDS.

In the course of my practice I have seen the sad deaths of babies who were sleeping on unwrapped mattresses; yet in New Zealand there have been no reported SIDS deaths among the more than 245,000+ babies who have slept on mattresses wrapped with BabeSafe® mattress covers and using the specified bedding for a wrapped mattress, 100% cotton with no padding.

I became a BabeSafe distributor in December of 2002 after the son of one of our L&D nurse's died of SIDS.  Patrick was 6½ months old.  He was in day care when it happened and it devastated everyone involved. I found an article about the work of Dr. Sprott in New Zealand shortly after this happened and the rest is history. The effectiveness of the covers impressed me. A photo of Patrick is our company logo. In 2004 we started online with Baby Mattress Covers. In 2008 we incorporated for liability sake into Baby Mattress Covers, LLC.


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